Featured in American Express Commercial

A few months ago I was asked if I wanted to be in a video for American Express that focused on small businesses, so I said of course. Little did I know was that what they were planning was a bit more intricate than that. I'm used to filming at Grado at this point, but for this I had to meet them at a studio in the city (NY). After the initial interview I was told to walk through to the next room thinking that was it. Nope. They had recorded video chats with close friends and family for the purpose of projecting them on the walls in front of me and messing with my emotions. It worked. Thanks Amex, I really do appreciate this. 

Also thank you to John Grado, Richard Grado, Tia Meyers, Tara Feener, Dana Shaps, Eric Nielsen, Mike Macadaan, Andrew Kalicki, Eric Jones, Jordan Zimmerman, and Grace Clarke for willing to be projected on a wall in front of me and saying some of the nicest words strung together that I've ever heard.