MusoTrees Magazine Interview

Jonathan Grado in Musotrees Magazine

Back in the Fall I answered questions for a feature in MusoTrees Magazine's second issue, and a print of it just arrived yesterday. I was grateful for them thinking of me in the first place, but seeing how large a spread they dedicated to my photography and pictures of my face made my week (and made my mom proud, so it's an automatic win).

Print only - MusoTrees Issue #2

An Interview with Instagram

I was eating dinner with my parents when I got an email from Instagram. They said they've been fans of my family and wanted to know if I'd like to be interviewed for a story. To put this calmly, I was honored and it was a nice way to end 2015. We spoke about everything from photography to how I started at Grado. You can see some embeds below or read the whole interview here.